From Science Daily: Since at least the days of Socrates, humans have been advised to “know thyself.” And through all the years, many, including many person­ality and social psychol­o­gists, have believed the indi­vidual is the best judge of his or her own person­ality. Simine Vazire, Ph.D., Wash­ington Univer­sity assis­tant professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences, has found that the indi­vidual is more accu­rate in assessing one’s own internal, or neurotic traits, such as anxiety, while friends are better barom­e­ters of intel­lect-related traits, such as intel­li­gence and creativity, and even strangers are equally adept as our friends and ourselves at spot­ting the extro­vert in us all, a psychology domain known as “extro­ver­sion.” · Go to Others may know us better than we know ourselves, study finds →