In advance of the meeting

I invite you to choose 1-2 of the following questions to think about. Choose the questions that most intrigue you. We could use these to begin our conversation when we see each other.

a) What do you want to create? in your life? in this organization?

b) What do you aspire to in your life? How do you currently realize these life aspirations through what you do?

c) Looking back through your experience in this organization/group/similar situations, tell me a story about a time when you felt most alive, most fulfilled, or most excited — a time when you can say you were living out a personal calling, something you’ve always wanted to do or dreamed of doing. What was it and what about it made it so spectacular? How did this experience make you feel and what did you value most about it?

d) What do you believe about people working together? Why is that important to you?

e) What are the question(s) you have not answered, may never answer, and keep asking yourself?

f) What would you really like to see happen in your organization?

At the meeting: Becoming present with others

“What is holding you back from being fully present?”
“Nobody knows about our relationships in context with our work on this new project. Nobody knows how our work together will evolve our relationships.”

“I don’t know why you want me in this group. Wondering if can I meet your/the group’s expectations makes me nervous.”

“Will I walk away from this meeting better or worse? I’m imagining you feel the same.”

“I’m saying this hoping to put those fears aside, knowing these questions will get answered in time. And I can now be present with you.”

Understanding expectations

“What would you really like to have happen today? Why now?”
“What are your burning questions?” (compile a list of questions; resist the urge to answer them; look for similarities and differences)

Determining next steps

Now what are your burning questions? What new questions do you now have?
What will you do differently now?
What would you like to talk about next time?