In advance of the meeting

I invite you to choose 1–2 of the following ques­tions to think about. Choose the ques­tions that most intrigue you. We could use these to begin our conver­sa­tion when we see each other.

a) What do you want to create? in your life? in this orga­ni­za­tion?

b) What do you aspire to in your life? How do you currently realize these life aspi­ra­tions through what you do?

c) Looking back through your expe­ri­ence in this organization/group/similar situ­a­tions, tell me a story about a time when you felt most alive, most fulfilled, or most excited — a time when you can say you were living out a personal calling, some­thing you’ve always wanted to do or dreamed of doing. What was it and what about it made it so spec­tac­ular? How did this expe­ri­ence make you feel and what did you value most about it?

d) What do you believe about people working together? Why is that impor­tant to you?

e) What are the question(s) you have not answered, may never answer, and keep asking your­self?

f) What would you really like to see happen in your orga­ni­za­tion?

At the meeting: Becoming present with others

What is holding you back from being fully present?”
“Nobody knows about our rela­tion­ships in context with our work on this new project. Nobody knows how our work together will evolve our rela­tion­ships.”

I don’t know why you want me in this group. Wondering if can I meet your/the group’s expec­ta­tions makes me nervous.”

Will I walk away from this meeting better or worse? I’m imag­ining you feel the same.”

I’m saying this hoping to put those fears aside, knowing these ques­tions will get answered in time. And I can now be present with you.”

Understanding expectations

What would you really like to have happen today? Why now?”
“What are your burning ques­tions?” (compile a list of ques­tions; resist the urge to answer them; look for simi­lar­i­ties and differ­ences)

Determining next steps

Now what are your burning ques­tions? What new ques­tions do you now have?
What will you do differ­ently now?
What would you like to talk about next time?