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“When two or more people come together to form a work or task-oriented group, there will first be a period of essentially self-oriented behavior reflecting various concerns that any new member of a group could be expected to experience.” — Edgar Schein, Process Consultation Revisited: Building the helping relationship

Here are questions to help the team in its forming stage. The questions are designed for each individual to answer and then share with the team.

What are your strengths?
How would you like to use your strengths in this experience?
What do you need to do your best? What conditions are present?
How can the team support you in bringing your best?
What do you want from this experience?
What do you know about yourself in work groups?
How does “your best” show up?
What concerns do you have about this experience?
How do you respond to unexpected change?
When issues arise, what surprises you about the other party’s way of working or point of view?
How do you get the information and guidance needed to support your work?
What would you like to explore or try?
What are you passionate about?
What do you appreciate about each person on the team?