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What specifically is driving this project?

  • What are the compelling reasons for devoting energy to this effort?
  • What’s happening that needs to be changed?
  • What’s the opportunity to be pursued?

What is the negative consequence of not doing this project or not completing it successfully?

Outcomes and benefits

What will it look like when this project is completed successfully?
What are the specific benefits?


Who will be impacted by this project?
What organizations units will be involved in this project?
Who should be involved in this project?

Results evaluation

What criteria will indicate success?
How will you know the project was successful?
What existing tools, reports or indicators could be used to evaluate success?
Are there new tools, reports or indicators that should be developed?


What specific deliverables are you expecting? Deliverables could be products, services, information and changed/improved relationships.


What are the critical points in time for this project? Milestones could be hand-off points; completion of deliverables; pre-determined progress points; evaluation points and/or celebration points.

Project progress

What project progress information do you want?
When or how often do you want it?
How do you want this information delivered?
Who else should get this information?
How should this information be delivered to them?

Design specifications

What are the non-negotiable givens? Givens are defined as decisions or factors that only you or a higher authority can define and that, at the moment, are non-negotiable.
What are some critical assumptions that may impact this project?
What are some known constraints that will impact this project?
What decision process do you want to assure your comfort and enable quality, timely decisions for this project?
How do you see the results of this project rolled out to others?
What other concerns do you have that you would like to see addressed in the progress of this project?