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It’s the end of a project and the work group or team is evaluating the results and considering what they would do differently. What are the lessons learned?

Often, a question not asked at the outset of the project might have improved the outcome if asked. Questions asked to clarify and gain agreement are often skipped as teams, eager to get down to business, jump directly into the “doing.”

Go slow to go fast

Take time at the beginning to help the group form. Upfront time invested in building relationships and understanding the project purpose will help the group move quickly and confidently as deadlines approach later in the project lifespan.

Allow time for in-depth introductions so people can share more personal background information relevant to the work. Give group members the opportunity to express what they want to get out of the experience. Encourage people to talk about their preferred style of coping when conflict arises.

Here are several worksheets of startup questions intended to create a foundation that helps groups fully focus on the task at hand.