From Lead­er­ship Now: A society that doesn’t train their chil­dren to think crit­i­cally, to be aware of those around them, and to serve, must create more rules and regu­la­tions than can be accounted for. There will never be enough rules —- there are too many vari­ables — espe­cially when people begin to direct their creativity in dysfunc­tional ways. The chal­lenge is to develop sound minds. As Kant deter­mined, a person with a sound mind is one that can think for oneself, is able to place oneself in the place and view­point of others, and can think consis­tently and coher­ently. But it‘s easier, in the short term, to create rules. And we pay a price. · Go to A case for recon­sid­ering the way we’ve always done it →