When leaked slides and rumors of a delicious.com demise hit the blogos­phere this past December, I started looking for a new provider for our book­marks catalog. Unison’s collec­tion joined deli­cious soon after the book­marking site’s September 2003 debut, just in time for research projects during my master’s program. Over the years we’ve gath­ered 5,425 URLs, shared with a number of colleagues who add to our collec­tion, and orga­nized the collec­tion with over 1,000 topics.

Yahoo, which acquired deli­cious in 2005, has a history of buying tech­nolo­gies and then letting them languish or die. To safe­guard our marks, we now collect them here at avadapdc.unisonconsulting.com, and today we begin using pinboard.in as our service provider.

Pinboard, located in San Fran­cisco, brands itself “for intro­verted people in a hurry.” The focus of the site is less on social­izing, and more on speed and utility. Users pay a one-time signup fee that goes up by a small amount with each new signup. In return, they get a fast, spam-free service and prompt support.

Pinboard also offers archival accounts that will store a complete cached copy of every book­mark saved and enable full-text search for an account. As of January 2011, the service has stored about 12 million book­marks with a total of only seven hours unplanned down­time since its spring 2009 launch.

You can follow our book­mark collec­tion in these three ways.