From Stephen Denning at ChangeThis: “Radical manage­ment focuses the entire orga­ni­za­tion on the goal of constantly increasing the value of what the orga­ni­za­tion offers to its clients. Once a firm commits to this goal, tradi­tional command-and-control bureau­cracy ceases to be a viable orga­ni­za­tional option. Instead the firm will, like South­west Airlines or Star­bucks, natu­rally grav­i­tate towards some vari­a­tion of self-orga­nizing teams as the default manage­ment model for orga­nizing work. That’s because it is only through mobi­lizing the full energy and inge­nuity of the work­force that the firm can generate the contin­uous value inno­va­tion needed to delight clients. Not surpris­ingly, those doing the work find more satis­fac­tion as members of such produc­tive teams.” · Go to Radical manage­ment: Mastering the art of contin­uous inno­va­tion →