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As you begin working in unison, you start to create a virtuous cycle. Customer insight drives busi­ness direc­tion, drives orga­ni­za­tional change, drives new forms of customer moti­va­tion, and so on.

virtuous change circle

Because it’s a circular process, you can tap into it at any point to solve prob­lems, enhance perfor­mance or put more weight behind an existing strategy. You might start with a drive to improve customer insight and act on it. Or look inside the busi­ness, to find untapped poten­tial for enhancing customer satis­fac­tion.

Research by Bain & Co. over the past decade has found that revenues of compa­nies with the highest levels of customer loyalty grew more than twice as fast as those of their competi­tors.” — Busi­ness Week, Dec. 26, 2006

We won’t prescribe the answers for you: we’ll help you find them. Our clients hire us because they think differ­ently when they are with us — and continue to do so long after­ward.

Our work focuses on creating the capacity for orga­ni­za­tions to learn from them­selves. Our strengths-based facil­i­ta­tion enables your teams to make the most of their know-how and work natu­rally and effec­tively together.

What’s remark­able with this approach is the diver­sity of chal­lenges you can address and the big break­throughs you can create and sustain.

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We are proud and confi­dent of our product, because it’s based on strategy and clarity… We are better together than the ‘sum of the parts.’” — Depart­ment manager