From Psychology Today: Can you lend me your ear? Most people believe they are good listeners without consid­ering the impor­tant differ­ences between hearing and listening. The ability to hear is typi­cally innate, but the ability to listen well is a skill that must be devel­oped and prac­ticed. Listening means paying atten­tion and making a conscious effort to process what you hear. It is one of our most impor­tant skills and it is also one of the most over­looked. We often take our ability to listen for granted, even knowing that it plays a major role in good commu­ni­ca­tion. So are you the type of person who lets infor­ma­tion in one ear and out the other, or are you a thoughtful, actively engaged listener? Assess your active listening skills with this test. · Go to Are you a good listener? A self test →