From strategy+business: More than a decade after publi­ca­tion of The Expe­ri­ence Economy, Pine and Gilmore are more convinced than ever that customer expe­ri­ence is the basis of a new economy. At their annual “think­About” confer­ence in 2009, they issued a mani­festo titled “Economic Sense” that touted customer expe­ri­ence as nothing less than the solu­tion to the U.S. economy’s reces­sionary doldrums. In an era in which prod­ucts and services are increas­ingly auto­mated and jobs are disap­pearing or being offshored, they wrote, “expe­ri­ences require increased human capital in their initial concep­tion, compre­hen­sive design, venue place­ment, and everyday staging.… A pros­perous economic future requires the dawn of a new economic era based on expe­ri­ences.” · Go to What expe­ri­ence would you like with that? →