From Rick Heller at The New Humanism: Daniel Siegel is a psychi­a­trist and author. His 2007 book, The Mindful Brain, is a scien­tific take on the prac­tice of mind­ful­ness, which is often defined as “non-judg­mental atten­tion to the present moment.” Siegel’s newest book is The Mindful Ther­a­pist, a text aimed at clin­i­cians. Siegel is himself a clin­i­cian and an educator as well as co-director of the Mindful Aware­ness Research Center at UCLA and co-inves­ti­gator at the Center for Culture, Brain and Devel­op­ment. The following is an edited version of the conver­sa­tion. · Go to The Mindful Brain: an inter­view with Daniel Siegel →