From Forum Barcelona: Humberto Matu­rana stated that “power is based on obedi­ence, the person who obeys gives power to the person who orders.” He stated that “men and woman can be equally discrim­i­nating, gender doesn’t matter. It depends on the rela­tion­ship that we as humans estab­lish among ourselves. This deals with rela­tional behavior, it is a way of relating oneself to others, it has nothing to do with the mascu­line or femi­nine gender. It is not biolog­ical, but cultural.”

Matu­rana used the example of the shrew, a very common animal in central Europe. This animal, he explained, regu­larly repeats its path in its daily life. This said, if the shrew changes its path, it returns to its cave, and starts the path again. “First it is surprised, then it repeats the path, and then it invents a new one. Some­thing similar also happens to humans. When there isn’t a routine we become disori­ented, but, in the end, we are creative.” · Go to Humberto Matu­rana: “Democ­racy is an attempt at coex­is­tence, it is based on mutual respect” →