From Booz& Co.: Every enter­prise has an informal as well as a formal orga­ni­za­tion. The formal is the side with which busi­ness people are usually most familiar. It consists of analyses, strate­gies, struc­tures, processes and programs — all codi­fied in memos, charts and power-point presen­ta­tions. These tools are designed to align deci­sions and actions. The informal is gener­ally less familiar. It consists of emerging ideas, social networks, working norms, values, peer rela­tion­ships and commu­ni­ties of common interest — the elements that often hide beyond the bound­aries of the formal. In “Leading Outside the Lines”, authors Jon Katzen­bach and Zia Khan make the compelling case that it is in the less familiar informal world where magic happens — yet one without the other is unlikely to sustain peak perfor­mance over time. · Go to Leading outside the lines by Jon R. Katzen­bach and Zia Kahn →