From Commu­nity Learning Exchange: Living in a society as diverse as ours isn’t always easy. Certainly the advan­tages outweigh the disad­van­tages, still, with so many differ­ences there are also many oppor­tu­ni­ties for conflict. Gracious space is a spirit and a setting where we invite the stranger and embrace learning in public. To help us learn how to put gracious space to work in our everyday lives, we’ll be joined by guests Karma Ruder and Patricia Hughes. Karma is the director of commu­nity collab­o­ra­tion at the Center for Ethical Lead­er­ship. Patricia is the author of Gracious Space: a prac­tical guide to working better together. They’ll discuss prac­tical strate­gies that can be applied to commu­nity, work­place and family situ­a­tions. Join us for a lively conver­sa­tion. · Go to Prac­ticing Gracious Space in an Ungra­cious World →