In the busi­ness world, Net Present Value (NPV) has long been an essen­tial calcu­la­tion when making invest­ment and program deci­sions. The NPV formula helps managers focus on four essen­tial truths about their finan­cial deci­sions. Like Net Present Value, Net Present Joy would assess all imme­diate and future joy created by the deci­sion in ques­tion, discounting future joy a bit since we’d certainly prefer to be joyful now rather than later. And, of course, the calcu­la­tion would deduct all current and future grief asso­ci­ated with the initia­tive (emotional, orga­ni­za­tional, logis­tical, etc.), adjusted to present value. · Go to Net Present Joy (NPJ) →