In the visual arts, white space is that area that is left blank or perhaps more accu­rately, open. It should not be thought of as unused space because it is actu­ally an impor­tant part of the design itself. It is an “active” void. It adds to or enhances what the artist is trying to commu­ni­cate. It clears away the clutter and allows the message to be heard. As leaders, we need to be secure enough to create white space in our lead­er­ship; to create not empti­ness, but an active void. A place where those we lead can jump in and partic­i­pate. It’s about making room for others to express them­selves. Too often, leaders feel the need to be omnipresent; directing every­thing that happens. This stifles those they lead and stunts their growth. · Go to Does Your Lead­er­ship Have “White Space?” →