From Walter Kiechel in ChangeThis: “The vultures are circling. ‘Strategy, as we knew it, is dead,’ proclaims Walt Shill, head of Accenture’s North Amer­ican consulting prac­tice. A January 25 Wall Street Journal article quotes him explaining, ‘Corpo­rate clients decided that increased flex­i­bility and accel­er­ated deci­sion-making are much more impor­tant than simply predicting the future.’ A recent white paper from the Boston Consulting Group hung similar crepe. In its research on global power­houses the firm found some saying they don’t ‘do strategy’ any more. So — Is it time to consign all your three-ring binders of strategic plans to a funeral pyre, maybe heaping the corpo­rate planner onto the blaze for good measure? Well, yes — and no.” · Go to Bring Strategy Back from the Dead →