From Commu­ni­ca­tion Arts: The Elysian, a newly-opened 60-story uber-luxury hotel and resi­dence in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neigh­bor­hood has a unique owner-oper­ated model built around deliv­ering remark­able moments. The Chicago office of zig was tasked with bringing the brand promise to life. Knowing that it’s the subtle, unex­pected touches that happen during a hotel stay that ulti­mately make it memo­rable, zig artic­u­lated and person­al­ized the brand expe­ri­ence at every imag­in­able touch­point — from the key cards and valet tickets to the faces of the phones. A very special part of the project, The Found Art of Hospi­tality (the Elysian brand book), was created to bring the hotel to life for investors, stake­holders and employees before the prop­erty opened, and for anyone not there to expe­ri­ence it for them­selves. It estab­lishes the distinct voice of the prop­erty — elegant without being stuffy, approach­able and with a touch of wit. · Go to Elysian Hotel branding →