From Communication Arts: The Elysian, a newly-opened 60-story uber-luxury hotel and residence in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood has a unique owner-operated model built around delivering remarkable moments. The Chicago office of zig was tasked with bringing the brand promise to life. Knowing that it’s the subtle, unexpected touches that happen during a hotel stay that ultimately make it memorable, zig articulated and personalized the brand experience at every imaginable touchpoint — from the key cards and valet tickets to the faces of the phones. A very special part of the project, The Found Art of Hospitality (the Elysian brand book), was created to bring the hotel to life for investors, stakeholders and employees before the property opened, and for anyone not there to experience it for themselves. It establishes the distinct voice of the property — elegant without being stuffy, approachable and with a touch of wit. · Go to Elysian Hotel branding →