From Stephen Fry in Time: I have met five British Prime Minis­ters, two Amer­ican Pres­i­dents, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and the Queen. My hour with Steve Jobs certainly made me more nervous than any of those encoun­ters. I know what you are thinking, but it’s the truth. I do believe Jobs to be a truly great figure, one of the small group of inno­va­tors who have changed the world. He exists some­where between showman, perfec­tionist over­seer, visionary, enthu­siast and oppor­tunist, and his insis­tence upon design, detail, finish, quality, ease of use and reli­a­bility are a huge part of Apple’s success. Where Ive is quiet, modest and self-effacing, Jobs is confi­dent, assured and open. For some, his personal magnetism is almost of a dangerous, Elmer Gantry kind. They call the charisma emanating from his keynote addresses “Steve’s reality-distor­tion field.” · Go to Apple iPad Launch: Will Steve Jobs’ Magic Touch Return? →