From Tim Brown, pres­i­dent of IDEO, in Fast­Com­pany: Partic­i­pa­tion is key to the next big wave of inno­va­tion in busi­ness and society. Whether it is in the funda­men­tals of how we think about wealth or the economy, how we parse the minu­tiae of indi­vidual trans­ac­tions, or how we evolve our most impor­tant social systems such as health care, I believe that the inter­con­nect­ed­ness of our infor­ma­tion society makes this shift inevitable and highly desir­able. The ques­tion that I inevitably ask as a designer is how we design these kinds of partic­i­pa­tory systems? · Go to Creating a Post-Crisis Economy: How to Design a Partic­i­pa­tory System →