Using a computer program he’s devel­oped to measure the rela­tion­ship between language and person­ality, James Pennebaker, chair of the Univer­sity of Texas Psychology Depart­ment, compared the words Pres­i­dent Barack Obama used in his recent State of the Union address to addresses deliv­ered by every pres­i­dent since Harry Truman. Obama’s words were similar to those he used in the address he gave to Congress in early 2009. He is becoming a little more dynamic in his thinking and slightly less posi­tive in his emotional tone. “Other­wise, he main­tains a remark­ably even style in the ways he talks to his audi­ences,” Pennebaker says. · Go to Pennebaker says Obama’s speech suggests little opti­mism, emotional distance →