Is there much I can tell a hall full of teachers and tech­nol­o­gists about the power and poten­tial of play? Maybe not. The best I can do in my twenty minutes is to dip briefly into my own musings and researches into this perpet­u­ally star­tling, contin­u­ally inspiring dimen­sion of human behav­iour and culture. And hope that it brightens your percep­tion of your own prac­tice and voca­tion. I tend to go deep and high with play. Deep into biology, evolu­tion and neuro­science. And high into the broader social, polit­ical and global signif­i­cance of play, as it moves to the centre of our collec­tive agendas. · Go to Pat Kane’s TEDx­Orenda presen­ta­tion: The play ethic →