book coverby Marty Neumeier. The first book to present a unified theory of brand-building. Whereas most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach, this book shows how both ways of thinking can unite to produce a “charis­matic brand” — a brand that customers feel is essen­tial to their lives. In an enter­taining two-hour read you’ll learn:

  • a new defi­n­i­tion of brand
  • the five essen­tial disci­plines of brand-building
  • how branding is changing the dynamics of compe­ti­tion
  • the three most powerful ques­tions to ask about any brand
  • why collab­o­ra­tion is the key to brand-building
  • how design deter­mines a customer’s expe­ri­ence
  • how to test brand concepts quickly and cheaply
  • the impor­tance of managing brands from the inside
  • 220-word brand glos­sary

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