Ron Rogowski and his team of researchers at Forrester Research, look at what they call emotional expe­ri­ence design and how it affects the way it can create online expe­ri­ences that “deeply engage customers” in a new report called Emotional Expe­ri­ence Design, In the book Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things, author Donald A. Norman, co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group writes, “scien­tists now under­stand how impor­tant emotion is to everyday life, how valu­able. Sure, utility and usability are impor­tant, but without fun and plea­sure, joy and excite­ment, and yes, anxiety and anger, fear and rage, our lives would be incom­plete.” · Go to Using emotional expe­ri­ence design to engage customers on your website →