From ChangeThis: “The hero’s journey has been the corner­stone of great liter­a­ture and hit movies. We all know the winning dramatic premise: a beaten-down protag­o­nist battles everyone from evil char­ac­ters to wild beasts in a dangerous passage of self-discovery. Strangely, the main fric­tions of modern man’s largest battle­field have often been ignored in the books designed to steel you for that daily 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. grind. Except for a few notable excep­tions, the hostile terri­tory other­wise known as the work­place has been treated with kid’s gloves. We’ve been advised that the key to success is to ‘be nice,’ to develop ‘life­long mentors,’ and a host of other absurd fantasies that no ten-year-old would ever swallow as remotely real­istic or helpful.” · Go to Start the Soloist Journey: Become the Hero in the Face of the Ten Least Wanted →