From Change This: “Iden­ti­fying your core rela­tion­ships is the vital first step you must take in shifting how you perceive your role in any busi­ness rela­tion­ship. Instead of just wishing that better busi­ness contacts would magi­cally appear in your profes­sional life, drive the busi­ness contacts you’ve already estab­lished to more produc­tive and rewarding levels. The initial step of pinpointing your core rela­tion­ships will lead you toward partic­i­pating with an actual person rather than with a digital line in a CRM system or on Linked In. A process, however, for driving your core rela­tion­ships to success, is also vital. I call this process under­standing your contact’s Rela­tional GPS™.” · Go to Rela­tional GPS: The Road Map to Outstanding Busi­ness Rela­tion­ships →