From ChangeThis: “How you apol­o­gize is your humanity litmus test. Let’s face it, at some point; your busi­ness will suffer a failure that disap­points customers. How your company reacts, explains, removes the pain, and takes account­ability for actions signals how you think about customers, and the collec­tive heart of your orga­ni­za­tion. Grace and wisdom guide deci­sions of beloved compa­nies toward accepting respon­si­bility and resolving the situ­a­tion when the chips are down — not accu­sa­tions and skirting account­ability. Repairing the emotional connec­tions well is a hall­mark of compa­nies we love. It makes us love them even more.” · Go to Decide to say sorry: The “oeace process” for growing your busi­ness →