At its best, written fund-raising and marketing discourse should read like a conver­sa­tion sounds — filled with personal views, concerns, stories and emotion. But my linguis­tics research reveals that these genres actu­ally read more like doctoral disser­ta­tions than the lively banter of friends over a cup of coffee. Most discourse — espe­cially the writing of fund raisers — creates little inter­per­sonal involve­ment and contains less narra­tive than acad­emic prose and offi­cial docu­ments. It was this problem that framed the mission of The Written Voice — to infuse the written text with the passion of speech. At insti­tu­tions of higher educa­tion, the urgency of this mission is reflected in the virtual absence of research agendas and course offer­ings on the language of fund raising. · Go to Frank C. Dick­erson: The written voice →