From ChangeThis: There is an ancient Chinese curse that trans­lates into, “May you live an inter­esting life!” That is certainly true as we expe­ri­ence today’s global pandemic of down­sizing. Layoff victims and survivors alike react to this new reality with a toxic stew debil­i­tating emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, and depres­sion — what I call layoff survivor sick­ness. We can change that; we can reframe the death toll of the old para­digm into a wake-up call that will help us create an exciting world of work that is more autonomous, person­ally rele­vant, and more in congru­ence with our unique gifts. · Go to Breaking Orga­ni­za­tional Code­pen­dence: Downsizing’s Liber­ating Wake-Up Call →