From Krista Tippett: The Biology of the Spirit — In the summer of 2005, a few colleagues and I went to the Chau­tauqua Institution’s week on “The Brain.” We were invited by Chautauqua’s Reli­gion Depart­ment, which was focusing in that same week on the nature of love. Those two subject areas might seem, on the surface, to deal with distinctly sepa­rate realms of human reality — reason and emotion. But one of the lessons of the week was that modern science is turning up an intri­cate and fasci­nating inter­re­la­tion­ship between them. What we are learning about “the three-pound human brain,” as Sherwin Nuland likes to refer to it, may compel us to recon­cile Western civilization’s split between body and spirit. · Go to The Spirit as an Emer­gent Life Force →