One of the primary fears museum profes­sionals (and all profes­sionals) have about entering new rela­tion­ships with audi­ences is the fear of losing control. For hundreds of years, we’ve owned the content and the message. While we may grudg­ingly acknowl­edge the fact that visi­tors create their own versions of the message around subsets of the content, we don’t consciously empower visi­tors to redis­tribute their own substan­dard, non-author­i­ta­tive messages. So when people like me start advo­cating for the creation of tools and oppor­tu­ni­ties by which visi­tors can share their stories, reag­gre­gate the arti­facts, even rate and review each others’ creations, museum profes­sionals of all stripes get concerned. If the museum isn’t in control, how can it thrive? · Go to The Future of Authority: Plat­form Power →