From TED: How can our strange, gray, gooey brains create inspired inven­tions, the feeling of hunger, the expe­ri­ence of beauty, the sense of self? And how reli­able are they? Dan Dennett contem­plates the mind as an ecosystem in which a new class of enti­ties — memes — can compete, coexist, repro­duce and flourish, and asks what sorts of nefar­ious things these enti­ties might be up to. An enthu­si­astic Dan Gilbert presents his new research on the pecu­liar, coun­ter­in­tu­itive — and perhaps a smidge deflating — secret to happi­ness. And Jeff Hawkins explains why a napkin-sized sheaf of cellular matter, wrin­kled into a ball, will funda­men­tally change the direc­tion of the computer industry.· Go to How the mind works →