The Friends of Posi­tive Psychology list serve is a-buzz today, deter­mining the most influ­en­cial figures in the devel­op­ment of the field.

Thomas Aquinas (faith and reason)
Aris­totle (purpose. culti­va­tion of virtues)
Aaron Beck (cogni­tive therapy)
Sissela Bok (prac­tical ethics)
Confu­cius (moral devel­op­ment)
Albert Ellis (rational emotive behavior therapy)
Victor Frankl (will to meaning)
Harry Harlow (contact comfort, expres­sions of familial love)
Marie Jahoda (feel­ings of well-being)
William James (psychology of reli­gion)
Carl Jung (indi­vid­u­a­tion)
Abraham Maslow (self-actu­al­iza­tion
Carl Rogers (fully-func­tioning person)
Martin Seligman (learned opti­mism)
Michael Walzer (polit­ical theory within culture)

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