Moun­tain biking is not just about the cliff drops or the big jumps,” says film­maker Jamie Houssian. “It’s about flow. It’s about getting into a groove, getting into a rhythm and flowing down the trail. That’s really what we want to convey with our films, that sense of streaming down a moun­tain on two wheels.”

Houssian is a founding member of The Collec­tive, a Vancouver-based film company that captures the fluid motion of moun­tain biking with 16mm film and digital video. For the past three years, he’s been caught in the spokes of the sport, filming pro bikers around the world — from the deserts of Utah to the streets of Prague. His team’s first film, also called “The Collec­tive,” was released in 2004 and the second, aptly named “Roam,” will roll out in 2006.

Go to The Collective’s site for the film.