book cover “Is it normal that my husband lays his BlackBerry down next to us when we make love?” asked a patient of psychiatrist Edward Hallowell. She thought she was entitled to her husband’s undivided attention.

From an expert in Attention Deficit Disorder, comes a new book for the rest of the world. CrazyBusy: Overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap – Strategies for coping in a world gone ADD by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., is a prescriptive guide that shows us how to survive in an ultra-competitive, ultra-fast, attention deficit society — and remain sane.

Gerald LeVan writes about CrazyBusy on the Friends of Positive Psychology list-serve:

Why do we keep so frantically busy? According to Hallowell, it’s because: we can be, we want to be, we must be, we imagine we must be, busy is fun, we over-commit, others over-commit us, we let technology run us, we work hard but not smart, being busy is a status symbol, we’re afraid of being left out or missing something, we’re afraid of not maintaining our standard of living, we can avoid the pain of life, we can avoid everything difficult we don’t want to do, we don’t have time to feel guilty about doing nothing, the devil finds work for idle hands, everyone else is busy, we have an excuse not to do what we don’t want to do, we aren’t bored when we’re busy, we don’t have to think too much, it’s better than not knowing what to do, it’s the best way to get where we want to go, we’re creating time someday when we won’t have to busy, we don’t know how not to be busy. All of the above.

“Please explain the problem to me slowly, as I do not understand things quickly,” pleaded Albert Einstein. · Go to Hallowell’s CrazyBusy web site. →