You can stop pretending you know what you’re doing. I know you’re making every­thing up as you go (hoping nobody notices). It’s OK though — that’s not where your prob­lems are coming from. Rather, your prob­lems are coming from the fact that you think other people know what they’re doing. It’s an illu­sion that’s wreaking havoc in your life.

In Fast­Com­pany weblog, Doug Sund­heim shares a story about a client who encour­ages “not knowing” in his orga­ni­za­tion.

I’m reminded of an exer­cise in Geoff Bellman’s class on consulting. He asked each of us to take out a piece of paper and write down our biggest fear. The “truth-telling” paper was then wadded up and thrown across the room. We then opened what had landed nearby. What was in most of those wads? “I’m fooling people. I don’t have as much skill as I’m acting.” “I’m a fraud, a fake.” “I’m dishonest.”