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Appreciating the best of what is

  • Under­stand your busi­ness. Team members from outside the client system get up-to-speed with your current thinking (culture and person­ality), industry trends and tech­nology. Includes an audit of your current customer commu­ni­ca­tions and a review of existing market research.
  • Iden­tify who you are when you are at your best through stories that reveal core values, guiding prin­ci­ples and beliefs.
  • Observe and under­stand your customers and prospects to discover your current posi­tion in the market­place. Conduct appre­cia­tive inter­views to the maximum possible number of client system members. Capture and share stories and expe­ri­ences to uncover oppor­tu­ni­ties to create a point-of-differ­ence.
  • Study the existing and emerging compe­ti­tion to under­stand your unique posi­tion in the market. What are their core compe­ten­cies, posi­tioning messages and commu­ni­ca­tion tools?

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