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What is the story your company tells? Is it a story that is so honest, capti­vating and unique, your customers are willing to pay a premium price to become part of it?

Are the stories you tell the same ones your customers tell? How does your “promise” live up to customer’s expec­ta­tions? And when you fail on your promise, how do you handle the conver­sa­tion?

By listening to under­stand your customer’s deepest desires, you have the oppor­tu­nity to do truly amazing things worth talking about. Devel­oping a deep aware­ness of who you are and how you fit into your customer’s world brings a sense of iden­tity and a clarity of inten­tions to your oper­a­tions and commu­ni­ca­tions. This combi­na­tion achieves powerful results across multiple bottom lines.

We help you discover that promise — how your company exists in the minds and hearts of your customers. We help you bring your company’s vision (busi­ness strategy) in line with your customers’ expe­ri­ence (the brand) and build a foun­da­tion that guides future deci­sion-making.

We do our work with you, devel­oping a diverse project team with a variety of comple­men­tary skills. Our posi­tive-infused approach helps open up your team’s thinking to reveal fresh perspec­tives. We help you step outside your orga­ni­za­tion — the poli­tics, the existing ways of behaving — and chal­lenge the assump­tions and patterns that limit thinking and listening.

Our collab­o­ra­tion tools enhance your team’s ability to embrace change, improve knowl­edge sharing and engage in on-going adap­ta­tion to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Build a sustain­able, life-enhancing company — designing busi­ness that speaks to your world in unison. Contact us today.

Recent client challenges

  • How can we get everyone in the company behind our vision?”
  • Our customer partic­i­pa­tion continues to decline. What can we do?”
  • We add more and more new initia­tives to grow the busi­ness. When we step back to eval­uate our progress, we’re in the same place (except that our staff is exhausted).”
  • We have no unifying goal. Our oper­a­tional strategy is to respond to the personal agendas of strong person­al­i­ties.”
  • We have too many things to do and don’t know what to do next.”

Our facilitation work

  • Company rein­ven­tion and renewal
  • Mergers and acqui­si­tions
  • Strategic plan­ning, brand strategy
  • Market assess­ment
  • New product devel­op­ment


A rare combi­na­tion of artist and strate­gist who could take my busi­ness and help me make visible my words and inten­tion.” — Debra Valle, CEO, Marketing U